Free Celebration for First-Generation Baylor Bears

November 7, 2023

Free Celebration For First-Generation Baylor Bears

By Sarah McCoy | Communication Student WACO, TEXAS— November 7th, 2023

History of FGCC

This National collegiate holiday was created to celebrate the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965. This act allows for federal financial aid programs to support student education and to invest in universities and colleges. Now every year, universities around the country including Baylor celebrate this to commemorate the barriers that were broken giving first-generation students a better chance of higher education.

This day is meant to also highlight the change that we as a society made toward being more accepting of first-generation students. So for that reason every year we celebrate barriers being broken and the contribution and change first-gen students make each and every day!

Baylor’s First in Line: First Generation Celebration Day

This year Baylor will celebrate First Generation College Celebration (FGCC) on Nov. 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Vera Martin Daniel Plaza. This come-and-go event will have different tables giving out free “swag”, and food and will also have a chance for first-generation students to win a scholarship!

Baylor First in Line is hosting this celebration to honor and celebrate the accomplishments and the journey of the first-generation students at Baylor University. This event is also held to make sure First Generation Students know they are seen and valued.

“I feel loved and supported on Baylor’s campus during Celebration Day. First in Line was my main support system freshman year and having a day to celebrate others who are in the same boat makes me feel supported,”

Kimberly Vu, Baylor First Generation Junior and First in Line Peer leader, describes First-Generation Celebration Day as an event that reassures her that Baylor is her home and that she made the right college decision. Baylor First in Line leaders, faculty, staff, and students are looking forward to another year of celebrating the successes of first-generation college graduates and Baylor bears.

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